Find answers to common queries about Simpli5’s App usage, troubleshooting, and more. Whether it’s navigating features or addressing concerns, we’ve got you covered.

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How do I locate an already installed app on my smartphone?

All Apps have been auto categorised as per Simpli5’s app masterlist. In case the app is not visible in any of the predefined categories, you will find the app listed under “ALL”. Under “ALL” you can find the app list as per its alphabetical order starting with A-Z.

How do I search and access apps not listed in any of the pre-selected categories provided?

You will find the app under ALL. You will find it easily by scrolling down as all apps from your phone are alphabetically listed A-Z.

Can I choose the category under which the apps should reflect?

This facility will be made available shortly.

Can I install new apps? If yes, How?

Yes. Visit the “ALL” category under apps. The apps have been alphabetically listed. Scroll down to Google Play and search and install the desired app 

Where can I see the newly installed app?

Currently, the downloaded app will get auto categorised as per Simpli5’s app masterlist. In case the app is not in the Simpli5’s app masterlist, you will find the app listed as per its alphabetical order under “ALL”.

How to uninstall an app?

Long press on the app icon you want to uninstall. This will take you to the App Info screen. Click on “Uninstall”.

Can I set my favourite apps on the homescreen?

This customisation request feature will be made available shortly.

How do I propose an app not listed under the logical category for inclusion in an existing category?

You are requested to click on Help and provide Customer feedback/Suggestion.

How do I locate an already installed app?

All Apps have been auto categorised as per Simpli5’s app masterlist. In case the app is not in the Simpli5 masterlist of apps, the app will be listed under “ALL”. You can find the list as per its alphabetical order.


How do I use the Emergency feature?

On the home screen, users can either choose to call the emergency contact or send a SMS message along with your location to all your Emergency contact persons added by you during the app installation process.

1. To call, you can click on the single touch Emergency call icon and it will call the first person on your carecircle list. 

2. To send an SMS message , click on the SMS & more-> button. You will be taken to the Emergency screen where you can click on the Message button to trigger the SMS blast of the templated message to all the persons on your emergency contact list.

Note: The SMS message has been carefully designed to trigger a 10 seconds countdown to allow users time to pull back, in case of a false alarm, by pressing the cancel button .

How do I add contacts for Emergency?

You can add up to 3 contacts to their care circle post installation while onboarding. You can choose the emergency contacts from the contact list on your mobile and tag them appropriately. After adding the contacts you are advised to opt to send an intimation to your chosen care circle members to inform them about the same. 

You can also opt to add emergency contacts subsequently by clicking on the arrow in the Emergency Call tab on the Homescreen and then follow the steps detailed above.

How do I edit emergency contacts?

Click on the arrow in the Emergency Call tab and choose the contact to be edited by clicking on either the edit icon or the delete icon. After adding the correct contact, you are advised to opt to send intimation to ensure all members in your care circle are made aware of the same.

I'm unable to find the name of my family member/ friend from my contacts to add as emergency contact?

It has been observed that users often save the contact numbers under a nickname or alias names by which the person is popularly known within closed circles. We have also come across instances wherein the names have been stored in a vernacular language such as the user’s mother tongue. Users are requested to take such instances into account.

My emergency contact name is visible while searching in the emergency contacts list. However, the preferred number is not visible?

In case the contact has multiple mobile numbers, users are advised to save the preferred number independently so that the same can be made available for tagging as the Emergency contact.

Can I add multiple numbers under a single tag e.g family or friend?

Yes. The same tags can be used multiple times.

Can I edit the templated emergency message?

We have a pre-templated emergency message for your convenience.

Can I add more than 3 numbers to the emergency contacts?

This facility has currently been extended to allow only up to 3 members.

Does the Emergency feature trigger from the locked screen?

In the current version, this facility is available once the phone is unlocked. We are working on making this accessible even from the locked screen.


If I change my phone, do I have to reinstall the Simpli5 app?

Yes, you will need to reinstall the app from the Play store

Is my personal data safe after giving permissions while installing Simpli5?

Yes. The permissions are being requested only to allow access to features which facilitate specific features. Your personal data or interaction within your apps are NOT being collected. For more details please read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

How do I set Simpli5 as my default Home Screen?

During the installation and onboarding process, you can choose to set Simpli5 as the default home screen and then follow the instructions. In case you want to switch to setting Simpli5 as the default home screen subsequently, click on the Home icon in the Help screen and choose Simpli5 to be set as the default home screen.

How do I switch between the Simpli5 app and my original home screen?

Click on the Home icon to choose between the Simpli5 app or your default home screen.

How do I set up the Alarm?

Click on Alarm.This will take you to the native alarm settings. Follow the usual process to set an alarm.

Can I customise my home screen to add wallpaper with a photo of my choice?

We will be introducing this feature in subsequent versions.

My Family member/ friend wants to install the Simpli5 app on his iPhone. Does Simpli5 work on an iphone?

Present version is for android only. We will be working on making Simpli5 available on iOS as well.

How do I share my feedback?

Click on Help icon and follow the instructions.

How do I share the app with my friends and family members?

Click on the Share icon on the Home screen and choose share via whatsApp to share the link to download the app.

Is Simpli5 free? If not, what are the charges?

The Simpli5 base version is and will always be free. Premium features such as customisations and other value added features will be made available at a nominal fee.

Does Simpli5 run on any android smartphone?

Yes. It should run on any android smartphone with android version 10 and above.

Where do I find Google search?

For Google search, accessing Chrome app from the app screen and open

How secure is my data from my interactions with the apps?

Simpli5 only organises the apps on your phone and does not seek permissions to access any data from other external apps on your phone.