About Us

At Simpli5, our vision is crystal clear: to pave the way for seniors to embrace digital technology with confidence and ease. By eliminating the frustration of intricate interfaces, we strive to empower older generations to navigate the digital world seamlessly, enriching their lives and fostering a more inclusive and connected society.

Registered under govt of India #Start-up India scheme of DPIIT

In 2022, Salil embarked on a journey to revolutionize the digital landscape for seniors by founding Simpli5. Fueled by a passion to simplify technology, he envisioned a solution that would empower older adults to harness the advantages of digital innovation without the daunting complexity of modern interfaces.

With more than three decades of corporate expertise, Salil brings a wealth of experience from his distinguished career in CXO roles within the banking, finance, and cross-border payments sectors. His profound understanding of customer needs and industry dynamics drives Simpli5’s mission to deliver intuitive, user-centric solutions.